Shot The Target With Hot Shot

Last summer when I was in California for attending the birthday of my uncle who is very much fond of gambling. He is in habit of keeping himself updated in his passionate game of the world of pokies. One day I was watching a movie which was based on the comical world of a pilot and his life. I liked that film very much. The best thing of online pokies is that they will give you each kind of facility and relaxation and will provide the suggestion of anything which you will make the search.

I made the search of the event related to the movie and you will not believe that I got the game of the same movie. I made the download of the full paid app in my android mobile and started the drive with Hot Shot. While going through the contest you will as if you are in the arena of the famous game of baseball. This is also themed on the concept of the same and had been designed and maintained by the microgaming and gives you the facility of five reels and nine paylines.

You will get the chance to make the bet of single coin per line and can offer the value of the coins ranging from $0.25 to the max of $2. One thing which I want to suggest the users that while making start with any new or when you feel any obstacles in the play you should take the full review of the blog and the forums which will make you tension free.

In order to make the win of the prizes you will have to make the matching of the symbols from left to right in the active lines of the slots. For bigger win you will have to hit the wild symbols and the wild one which you can use are home run, strike, pitcher and many more. You will be greeted by the eye pleasing gifts, free spins and bonuses too.

Magical Arena Of Houdini

Hey did I tell you that last winter I was in India and was pleased by the behavior and the nature of the people. One day a boy of the hotel suggested me to watch the show of the magician which is nearby if I am feeling bored. I went for the same was very affected by the tricks which were shown by him and I was feeling as if I am in the magical world.

The only thing which I missed there was the casino and for that I would have to move to the other place. But thanks to the advancement of the technology which facilitated the users to take the fun of the pokies. I thought of searching any new game in new environment so I made the search related to magic. The suggestions were in bulk so I went for the best one which I choose by taking the review related to that.

I found Houdini the most appropriate for me and I can tell that this one is the good for them who want to make their debut in gambling world. The rules and regulations are very much simple to learn and you will get the facility of five reels and 25 lines of pay which you will use to make matching from left to right.

There are many symbols which are used in this one such as the things which are used by the magician and while going through the contest you will get the feel as if you are in the magical show and you are the controller of that one. The graphics and presentation of the event is so marvelous that you cannot peep out of the screen and the sound of this one is heart throbbing. It is the grabbing time dear go and have it.

Enjoy The Games Of Jackpot City

I was going to Australia after four months to my friend Neal Patrick Harris. He lives in Brisbane city. I was in contact with him through live chat. For that I had to sign up with a website on which he already had his account and I had to provide my email address. I received confirmation through email. I have an android mobile phone. I had to download the app of this website. I had lost the contact number of Neal Patrick. So I had to ask him through online chat and when I logged in the webpage asked for membership fee for which I have to go through internet banking to pay it. I lost 50 dollars in a flash but I was given a Bonus of one month membership. Then while surfing through that website I got a link of online casino website. I was free at that time so I clicked on the link and I was directed to the Jackpot City online casino.

Jackpot city is powered by Microgaming and provides a great deal of Microgaming games. This is an excellent collection.  It is available for gamblers on their desktop and mobiles as mobile app. It is a complete online casino, as it fullfills requirements of every player whatever being their gambling taste. So you will get every gaming genre here. It has more than five-hundred games. There are card titles such as Blackjack. There are also poker card such as Pai Gow Poker, Baccarat and 3-Card Poker. The pokies / slot machines section is huge, it has around 300 gaming titles. These consist of 3-reeled slot machines, five-reeled video pokies. There are also dice such as Craps also the games of luck roulette. So I will say that any gambler who would like to play any number of casino games then jackpot city is the perfect place for you.

Jack In The Box Slot

Last winter my cousin from America paid a visit me. He came to Australia for the first time. We lived in Brisbane and my cousin was from Beverly hills. His name is Adam Sandler. We were having breakfast and were listening to a song of Michael Jackson. We both loved music and remembered lyrics of most of the songs. We both had huge collection of DVDs but nowadays Youtube has replaced it. We shared most of our habits like photography and clothing. He showed me his recently taken pictures of Hawaii. We both loved fast food and burger was our favorite and in desserts we preferred cake.

Adam had recently been plating online casino slot game a lot. It was his favorite pastime. He was very good at this and sometimes won a good amount. When I asked about a good online pokie he told me about this wonderful pokie called Jack in the box. I started playing it and it was a great experience. It is three reel, one line and two coin Vegas style classic slot machine. It has fun joker theme with huge jackpot of 5000 coins. Jack in the box has a wild multiplier symbol which doubles or quadruples the winning. Regular symbols are seven cube, bars and cherry.

It’s a pleasure to play this game powered by microgaming with excellent graphics and sound. For every coin that you bet you enable a higher payline. Bonus feature and scatter symbol is not available but with the wild symbol multiplying your winnings you can make good wins. The jackpot is more than enough and availed when three wild symbols are on reel. So if you want to play a slot machine where you want to multiply your winnings enormously then Jack in the box is the thing for you.

Enjoy Island Style Casino

A Month or two ago in my office my keyboard stopped working. So I was not able to work and I started chatting with my colleagues on Facebook. There is a girl named Rachel in my office she told me about her wedding dresses that she is going to buy for her upcoming wedding. She asked me about the good clothing and apparel shops that are nearby and where dresses of latest fashion are available. I told her about a boutique where my wife often visited. She also asked me about the jewelry shop where she can get engagement rings and earrings. I told her about a flowers shop and furniture shop where she could buy some good dining tables, bedding and bedroom furniture. She was very anxious about the events management company that will take care of wedding event. She wanted that day to be full of entertainment.

After that I started talking to a colleague who was busy playing this slot game called “Island Style”. He urged me to try it. I started playing it and I was surprised at the winnings of the reel combination for which on other slot machines I will get nothing. It is a 3-reel classic style pokie without any scatters, wild symbols, or bonus games. So you can call Island Style an old casino game but it gives you more number of combinations to win. Its theme is tropical islands, the reel symbols are toucans, bars, cherries and regular bars there are 7 different winning combinations.

Getting three birds on reel will win you 2400 coins which is the jackpot. There are number of ways to win mid level payouts. Gambler can enjoy with mid level payouts. So I think Island Style is much better than the new progressive slot machines that are in trend nowadays.

Isis – The Queen

You will get many games as much as you can make the search which may be related to anything which you want. I am very use to make the rather than continuing with same because I always some challenges and different things such the strategy and the skills which I can use in different games.

Last Sunday when I was watching some show related to the ancient story of Egypt which I liked very much and I made the search of that through online pokies and I was surprised to see the results. The game which I opted to play was Isis which is same as the name of the group which is very famous in news now a day. That group is making their expansion day by day by terrifying the people and doing explosion.

Overall featuring of the event is awesome and themed on the lifestyle of queen of the river Nile. You will get reels and paylines which are comprised of five reels and 25 lines of winning which maximizes the chance of getting more and more. The best thing which I like about this event is that it gives the chance to get free spins again and again you can get the multiplier of the free spins which is up to 12.

As we have seen in most of the game which is designed by the microgaming comprised of the symbols which are the wild and scatter and the thing which you will have to do is to hit the symbols more than two by making the perfect pairing. There are many symbols which are spread over the interface such as flowers and the face cards of the tradition playing cards such as the nine, ten, queen, ace and many more. The sound quality and the graphics of this one is very attractive and you will get many return gifts by hitting correctly.